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Fibre: 100% hemp

Origin: Nepal

Length: Varies wildly from ball to ball. Balls weigh 20g +- 2g and contain approximately 30-50m of yarn.

Handspun by artisan communities in Nepal, and coloured using assorted vegetable based dyes. This very popular style of hemp twine is hardy in feel, with a very natural, hand spun texture. As with any hand made twine, the consistency does vary in these twines going from very thin to more slubby textured sections throughout. It crochets beautifully with 2.5mm or 3mm hook (as pictured here) up to 6mm hooks for oversized, loopy stitches. 

Please note, this is not a very high grade twine. It is common for the spinners to double over the yarn halfway through winding the ball, (so you begin with one strand and half way in, the end of the ball suddenly appears alongside, which is something to be mindful of as you work through and in case of tangling). Alternatively it can be useful to centre-pull the balls and find the end from inside, working your way out. 

Slight colour variations are to be expected within and among along with slight colour variations from ball to ball. 

Please note that the actual colour of this item may differ to how it is displayed by your monitor or device.