Eezy Fabric Comb

Eezy Fabric Comb

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Small manual fabric comb for fine weight wool garments, effective for removing lint, pilling and dust from fine textiles. Amazing customer reviews and made in Australia since 1972. A classic and essential pocket accessory to maintain a presentable pill free look. Highly recommended for Woollykins fine knits like the Engel wool/silk and wool thermals and fine weight socks. 


* Lightweight, moulded handled with the original machined brass teeth that gently collect pet hair, fuzz balls, dust, and lint from your knits or soft furniture.

* Won't break if accidentally dropped on hard flooring

* Designed and made in Australia since 1970, Still made on the original machinery today in Melbourne, Australia.

* Hand-assembled by a husband and wife team, with an amazing attention to detail and quality.

* Measures: 75mm Wide x 40mm High x 0.75mm Depth

To Use: Comb firmly in one direction on fine knits and down seams. Use the Super Eezy comb for chunky knits and home furnishings.